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A wide and professional range of services in the field of optics as well as CNC machining. You are welcome to check us!
Optical services

Optical services

We have a decades-long tradition in manufacturing a wide range of precision-optical products and optical components manufactured to individual customer orders. Our specialists guarantee the highest quality and timely completion of orders.

PZO can make all kinds of spherical lenses, from very small ones used in microscope lenses to very large ones used in telescope systems.

PZO factory offers wide range of optical prisms that reflect and refract light beams. Obtaining high accuracy of angles and dimensions as well as high purity of surfaces guarantee excellent quality of elements in instruments of various applications. Prisms are made of high quality optical glass.

PZO Ltd. offers interference flat gauges and parallel plane gauges for checking flatness and parallelism of measuring surfaces of gauges using interference methods.

We manufacture a wide range of standard and custom-made focal plane gauges with a cross, scale or grid. The image is applied to the plate surface by engraving or photo-etching. We ensure high purity of the surface as well as clear and legible drawing.

Mechanical services

PZO company provides professional services in turning and milling of various elements in CNC technology.

Using modern HAAS equipment we can offer you full range of CNC services.

Ultra-fast Haas VF-3SS vertical machining centre provides fast and most of all precise production of ordered items.

High-performance Haas ST-10Y turning centre with Y-axis and automatic feeder allows both single-piece and mass production of individual parts.

We also offer the possibility of engraving and marking inscriptions and graphics with a specialised high-power laser.

Mechanical services