Military optics

Supplies, repairs, inspections, modifications, spare parts.
Binoculars, artillery aiming circles, quadrants, spirit levels, night vision goggles.

We offer sales, repair and service of opto-electronic equipment. We perform technical condition assessments. We provide delivery of spare parts, as well as modification of selected products.


Photo Name Comments
Lornetka pryzmatyczna 7×45 (z) 7×45 (z) prism binoculars
PAB-2(A) M64 PAB-2(A) M64 artillery aiming circle
PAB-6 PAB-6 artillery aiming circle
Celownik kolimatorowy K-10 T K-10 T collimator sight
Kwadrant Quadrant
Poziomica kontrolna Control spirit level
PNW-57M PNW-57M night vision