152 mm SpGH DANA

Supply, repair, overhaul, modification, spare parts.
Sights, night vision devices, observation devices, periscopes, control devices.

We offer sales, repair and service of opto-electronic equipment. We carry out technical condition assessments. We provide delivery of spare parts, as well as modification of selected products.

We have the ability to cover daylight observation devices with anti-laser filters to prevent damage to the crews’ eyesight.

During the modification (passivation) of night-vision optical devices we use image intensifiers of renowned manufacturers.

Products for 152 mm SpGH DANA

Photo Name Comments
OP5-38D OP5-38D sight
ZZ-73 ZZ-73 sight
PG-1M PG-1MD panoramic periscope sight
PNW-57M PNW-57M driver's night vision
Kolimator K1 K1 collimator
Celownik kolimatorowy K-10 T 12,7 mm wkm DSzK collimator sight
Kwadrant Quadrant

Due to a large number of versions and types of opto-electronic devices used in the presented vehicles, the names used are examples. We supply parts, repair and service for most types and versions of opto-electronic devices.